Check and Mate

I’m waving the white towel.  I’m pulling out a favorite of the French military.  I’m screaming uncle.  Put a fork in me. 

If you didn’t get it, I am done!!!!!!!!! 

Another snow day.  Another prolonged storm show.  More shoveling.  Another game postponed.  I used to love these days.  When I could sit inside and enjoy the wonder of a new fallen snow before going outside to partake in its wonders.  Now I look upon the white devil as a burden to us all. 

Usually the winder doldrums don’t hit me till February but it’s come a few weeks earlier this year.  I think everything is just adding up now.  Weeks of packing and moving and unpacking to go along with basketball practice and extra hours at work.  It just hit me today like a ton of bricks.  I feel like I am on the losing end of a long fight.  Just beat down, bloodied and defeated.

I think I have the remedy to my malaise:  it involves a little lime juice, a hint of triple sec and a healthy amount of tequila. 

You know, I think I feel better already.  Have a great weekend everyone.


3 Responses to “Check and Mate”

  1. Time to just go with the flow … one step, or shovel-full, at a time.

  2. I like your remedy.

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