Hey Mother Nature…..

Ease up will ya!!   We all now how much you have loved to screw with us these past few weeks.  Your timing has been nothing less than ideal when it comes to “pain-in-the-assness” and it looks like you continue it tomorrow.  How about you get this one out of your system then ease up a bit.  I can think of 21 particular basketball players that are pining to get back on the hardwood.  Thanks to you, we haven’t played a game since last Tuesday and they need to play. 

So here it is, from now on, plan your storms for the weekend.  Lets say Saturday night into Sunday morning.  Give us as much as you want until the end of February.  That’s right throw as much at us now as you want, but as soon as the page turns to March, ease up.  We are a hearty folk but there is only so much that we can take before we all go mad. 

Glad we had this talk.


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