Humpday Convo: Who do you root for?

I know this has been a bit hit-and-miss the past few weeks so thanks for sticking around.  This weeks question is asked of me at leat once a week so I figured, why not turn this into a topic, so without further ado:

What teams do you root for and why?

I get this question all the time about Michigan.  When I first started getting into sports, like any young kid I started to root for the teams that were on TV a lot or were good.  Since Connecticut didn’t have a huge college program during the 80’s, I started to root for the team I saw on TV all the time: Michigan.  They seemed to always be on as a national game plus the uniforms were and are simply the best.  So that little innocent act turned into a lifelong obsession that my wife and daughter now have to put up with. 

The other teams make much more sense.  The Red Sox because, well, I have a soul.  The Giants because the Patsies were awful ( and LT and Simms were my favorite players) when I got into sports and the fact they bent CT over in the 90’s.  It also pisses me off that the organization claims all of New England.  Not this guy you don’t.  The only redeeming factor that team has is their Michigan-trained QB.  The Celtics because of Bird, that easy.  I was (am) a Whalers fan but I slowly started to lose interest in the organization when it was obvious that they were just awful.  During the winters I would fall asleep listening to WFAN as I went to sleep and the NY Rangers seemed to be always on so, by a matter os osmosis, I became a Blue Shirt fan.  Of course I root for the two major UConn teams and I don’t think I really need a reason for that right?

So that’s it.  My sports team history.

Your turn.


2 Responses to “Humpday Convo: Who do you root for?”

  1. I’m a Notre Dame fan because I’m Irish and my grandpa always had shirts and pint glasses and pennants with the Irish logos on them. So that kind of subliminally got me on their team. I like the Dolphins because, as unlikely as it is, they’re the only team that could dethrone the Pats or Jets from the AFC East title anytime in my lifetime. Plus they basically introduced the Wildcat into the NFL, which I am a big fan of. The Ducks in hockey for the sole purpose that I loved the animated TV series and the Emilio Estevez movies. And I guess the point you brought up about having a soul explains my spot in Red Sox Nation

  2. My fandom comes almost exclusively from my dad. Being from Mass, he was a fan of all the Boston teams (plus he you know, had a soul), so I’m a Boston fan. I’m a Giants fan, because when my dad was a kid the Pats weren’t in the NFL (my dad’s old), so the next best thing was YA Tittle and Big Blue. As for college I can’t stand UConn basketball (mostly because of Calhoun). People always asked me how I could go to a school and not be a fan of the team. That always pissed me off, like I was supposed to choose my education based on basketball. So, when UConn played that legendary game against Gonzaga during their cinderella run, I rooted for the Zags. And when I was in college, they were always the late-late game on ESPN2, so I started following them and fell in love with their style of play and Rony Turiaf (best French beard ever!).

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