Some Mornings….

….are just better than others, you know what I mean.  This AM just seemed better for some reason.  Could it be because the Eagles lost last night, possibly.  Could it have something to do with this being a three-day week, perhaps.  Could it be because at this time next week I will be in our new house, maybe.

I think the big reason though was that our morning news family was one again.  After a three-month baby induced lay-off, Yvonne was back in her rightful place next to Brad.  She was back with her typical cheery personality and smiling face.  Things felt right again.  Now, don’t get me wrong, Monica was more than a suitable fill-in.  In fact she was great and fit in like a charm and it was a blast having her with us.  It was a pleasure watching her improve day after day and she will always have a home here in the mornings.

As great as Monica was, Yvonne is our anchor and the crew and our viewers welcome her back with open arms.

Plus, this means a tres leche cake is in our near future, yummy!!!!!


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