Need Your Help

Some of you may know that February in the TV biz is called sweeps.  A ratings period that advertisers and tv execs can set dollar amounts for commercials.  The more people who watch, the more money we can charge.  During this time is when you will see all the crazy stories about “What is in your fridge that will kill all the loved ones in your life?” and other over the top special reports.  NBC Connecticut is no different but we really want to bring our viewers stories that relate to everyday life.  Whether it’s a consumer story, a feel-good tale, talkers, trends, controversies or special people we want to deliver the news you care about.

So today I am asking for my readers help.  Anything is on the table.  No idea is a bad idea.  We want and need as many story ideas as we can get our hands on. 

Send in your ideas to me and I can pass them along to our producers.  When I mean anything I truly mean anything that you feel is a worthy story idea.

Thanks for your time and enjoy the weekend.


2 Responses to “Need Your Help”

  1. Li'l Em-Kel Says:

    Find a bunch of people who have met others thru on-line matchmaking websites (or other such services). Get a representative sample of their experiences, good and bad, and do little features on each of them during the rating period. Interview them anonymously and disguised or fuzzed out if necessary. Good Luck!

  2. Pick the JT photos you guys want, send me the gallery name,and the file number with an email. I’ll ship them out. no muss, no fuss. just do it right for jt

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