Humpday Convo

First off, a Happy New Years to all my readers, both old and new.  Thanks You for making this blog a part of your daily read and to those of you who leave a comment, thanks even more for making it interactive. 

This past year so me move the give the blog a new title thus disconnecting me from the station as well as start-up this weekly topic post.  Two moves that I am so glad I did.  Being on my own I feel has given me more freedom and doing a Wednesday topic has allowed me the chance to explore some interesting questions.

This weeks focus: resolutions.  Not about making them which I don’t believe in.  Why wait to January 1st to change or do something different just decide to do it and do it.  So today it’s not what resolutions do you have this year, it’s:

What do you love most about yourself?

It’s not as easy of an answer as you may think.  Normally we are all very good at picking out our flaws (or others) but rarely can we look in the mirror and say what we love about us.  Whether it is physical or not.  Visual or hidden.  We few ourselves as flawed creatures when truly we are superior beings with a few little quirks.

The one thing I love about myself over everything else is my confidence.  I love taking on new challenges and am confident that I can complete any task given to me.  Whether that’s a new challenge at work or coaching a sport for the first time.  Some may call it arrogance or cockiness but I feel it’s just me being confident in myself and what I can do.

Your turn.


5 Responses to “Humpday Convo”

  1. The fact that I was able to help my children face the world confidently in spite of the many high hurdles they faced growing up. I would not have liked myself very much if I had not succeeded in this vital task.

  2. Li'l Em-Kel Says:

    What’s this? An opportunity to brag? Woo-Hoo!

    What I like best about myself, and what I have not always had, is a sense of total comfort and ease in my relationships with others. Strangers and acquaintances alike. It comes as result of nature, nurture, and experience.

    Good genes. My parents were both raised in rural Missouri in the first part of the last century. Neither was educated beyond the eighth grade, but both were smart, curious, and adventurous. These traits they gave to me in varying proportions.

    Good education. I was fortunate enough to graduate from one of the very best of high schools – not in the town, not in the state, but in the country. I have come to believe that, for most of us, formal education ends with high school. Generally speaking (and in my case in particular) college is training. I should add that no one from my grammar school went with me to high school, and no one from my high school went with me to college. The experience was broadening.

    My work experience, first as an insurance company drone and later as a creative contributor to several ad agencies, allowed me to deal with clerks and CEOs alike, learning from both, experiencing different outlooks and lifestyles

    So I’ve had a lot of luck and I’ve met a lot of people, and all of it has mixed together to make me open, friendly, interested in others, and, all too often, a bore.

    Thanks for asking.

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