What a Run of Hoops

Whew…… what a crazy three days of basketball. 

It all started on Saturday when we had the honor of hosting a high school from Australia.  The St. Joseph’s School at Nudgee is on a month-long trip in the states and one of their stops was little ol’ East Haddam.  Which makes complete sense because East Haddam fits in so well with Boston, NYC, Washington DC and LA.  Yep, all major metropolises’.  Anyway, we were stop #3 on their trip and Saturday they came to our gym for a little practice.  Then we all headed to our head coaches house for a little all-american cookout of burgers and dogs and a snowball fight. 

After a night with our players, the team came back to our high school for three games (freshman, jv and varsity.)  It was a blast competing and seeing how well the kids interacted with each other.  Regardless of the cultural chasm, the two groups of teenagers meshed quickly to the point you swore they were friends their whole lives.  You can read about their trip more here on their team blog and here from a local website.  It was such an awesome time but their was something even bigger for our team on Monday.

We had a game against the defending Connecticut Class S champs las night.  Hyde Leadership has had our number for the past few years.  Well, that may be a tad under-stated.  They really have dominated the play for many seasons.  We compete as hard as we can but till last night, they just had better athletes and players.  Yep, last night we finally prevailed.  58-50 in double OT.  A great game that we finished on a 28-12 run.  This win meant much more to us than your run-of-the-mill regular season upsets.  You see, until last night we were just 3-3 but were literally just three possessions from being 6-0.  I’m not blowing smoke up your hooha when I tell you that we had controlled all six games and were the better team in all three losses but just couldn’t finish them off.  Last night meant so much for us.  We battled back and was finally able to finish a team off.  The win was sweet and overshadowed the fact that we didn’t get home till 11pm.  That makes the 2am alarm come that much more quickly.  All worth it though.

So if you are doing the math: that’s five games in two days, the last one a double OT thriller.  Three teams: one from across the globe, one a state powerhouse from New Haven and the third a scrappy underdog from East Haddam. 

The results, a lifetimes of memories and a catapult for the rest of our season. 

Now it may be time for a na….. oh whats that we have practice and a girl’s game tonight?  Oh well, no rest for the weary I guess.


3 Responses to “What a Run of Hoops”

  1. Congratulations to Hale-Ray’s athletes and coaches!

  2. great win. keep it going.

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