Old Man Winter

Well boys and girls, he’s here.  I know that many of you have been dreading this day but it’s time to grasp your cold hands around reality.  He’s here and he ain’t leavin’ till March.  Cold, cloudy days followed by long, dark and lonely nights.  Depressed yet?  Well you shouldn’t be.  Think of it this way, the days are slowly getting longer and March will be here before you know it.  Personally, I am not one of those to bitch and moan about this season.  I love winter.  I enjoy the cold and the snow.  I figure why fight the inevitable.  Life’s way to short.

While on topic about the inevitable, is win 89 really in question tonight?  For Christs sake, Florida St. just lost to Yale.  If UConn doesn’t win by 65 it’ll be a mild upset.  Now, I have made it widely known that I am not a fan of women’s basketball (just find it boring) and not a fan of Geno’s (just too pompous for me, but a helluva coach).  89 wins in a row though is impressive in anything, let alone top-quality college basketball.  Just try doing anything 89 times in a row.  It’s tough.  I can barely get through 89 words without a typo.  Not only has the streak rolled along for 2 1/2 years, the manner of the wins makes it that much more impressive.  They not only beat opponents but the pummel them into submission.  I swear they could win some of these 4-on-5.  In fact, after they set the record, game 90 should be played that way. 

Seriously though, I tip my fictitious hat to them.  It’s a great accomplishment.  The one thing I don’t look forward to is Geno’s comments that are sure to come afterwards.  I haven’t heard anyone bashing the record.  Maybe I’m not listening to the right channels, but everything I have heard has been pro UConn.  No bashing, no pissy old curmudgeon’s that complain a bunch of women are beating a sacred record held by men.  I can guarantee you that Coach John Wooden would love the way this teams plays and would be proud to lose the record to such a group of ballers. 

One last thing about the streak.  This does not make Geno a better coach than the Wizard of Westwood.  I’m sorry, if your nickname implies that you have some sort of magic powers (witch, warlock, wizard, genie, sorcerer, etc.) that is pretty lofty territory.  Wooden was a groundbreaker, Geno is simply a great recruiter and coach.  That’s were the similarities end.


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