Meltdown in the Meadowlands

Honestly, who the hell saw that coming?  Up 24-3 and 31-10 with 6:30 left and this team can’t close the deal.  What a debacle and embarrassment.  I think it made it even worse that Coughlin completely undressed his punter after the return.  Did he mess up, sure.  Where was the punt coverage though?  If they stayed disciplined and help their lanes the return would not have happened.  Hell, if the defense stayed disciplined in the 4th quarter there would have been no comeback.  To many times they let Vick break containment.  When he does that he becomes the most dangerous man in football. 

That was one of the worst football losses I have lived through(nothing compares to game 7 ALCS in 2003).  A Super Bowl team does not give that game away.  Now they’ll need some help to get into the tourney.  The Giants really need a Bears win tonight.  The division is out of reach at this point.  The GMen had a chance to pretty much lock it all up but now they have to go on the road against Green Bay and Washington, not an easy road.   If Da Bears do win, it pretty much eliminates The Pack from the playoffs.  These three teams are so intertwined in this play-off push and that’s not even figuring New Orleans into the mix. 

If it was a perfect world, the Bears win tonight and clinch the #3 seed.  The Giants win on Sunday against Green Bay to pretty much lock up the #6 seed meaning they get to play Chicago in round 1.  Not a bad match-up which would line up a possible re-match with the Eagles. 

Hmmmm, now that I think about it, maybe this loss wasn’t so bad after all.

Nope, nevermind.  It still sucks losing to those bastard dog-killers from Philly!!!!!!


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