Can’t Always Get What Ya Want

There is no joy in Yankeeland this morning because the mighty Cash has struck out. 

Cliff Lee has chosen cheese steaks over NY Strip.

For the 1st time in recent memory, the Yankees were not able to acquire their #1 off-season priority.  The list is long and distinguished: Bernie Williams, Mike Mussina, Jason Giambi, A-Rod, Randy Johnson, Carl Pavano, Mark Teixiera, CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, Roger Clemens and so on. 

It seems the Yanks had out all their eggs into this one basket and now are really caught in the lurch because all the biggest names are locked up. 

Makes you wonder if the fan who spit on Cliff Lee’s wife last October might be regretting that decision this morning.  You are kidding yourself if she didn’t have a say in this.  “Gee let me think about this sweetie, my choices are between a city that didn’t blow a lougie in my face and one that did?  Hmmmmmm, I just don’t know.”  Nice job there Benny from the Bronx, Red Sox nation would like to thank you.

So where does this leave the Yanks?  The offense is still the class of the league.  CC is still a horse at the top of the rotation but the rest is just horses*#t.  Burnett is a dumpster fire, Pettitte is old and very iffy, Hughes is young but can be really good then you are stuck with two unknowns?  Zach Grienke is not a good fit for NYC.  Pavano?  They’ve been down that road.  Trades are always a possibility but I don’t now what pitchers are being actively shopped around.  This hurts the bombers more than one might think. 

I’m sure that they’ll figure something out and there is still 60 days till the start of Spring Training.  Right now though, the Twins, Rangers and Red Sox are in better shape. 

Now, about that Phillies starting rotation.  Glad they won’t be an issue till October.


5 Responses to “Can’t Always Get What Ya Want”

  1. amyparmenter Says:

    AKP is very happy. It ain’t often that the City of Brotherly Love wins a tug of war. :0)

  2. You always have such a fresh perspective on these things. I’m smiling along with the rest of RS Nation.

  3. This is so funny. Great writing.

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