A Shameful Display

Yesterday during the Jets/Dolphins game one of the worst cases of unsportsmanlike we’ve ever seen in sports.  If you haven’t seen it than here it is:

What the hell was that guy thinking?  I’ve been a coach for years now and not once have I ever felt the urge to involve myself in a play.  It is an utter embarrassment to the league and even more so to the NY Jets.  It just goes to show what kind of class-less ship Rex Ryan is driving.  You would never see a Giants assistant do anything like this.  This guy should be thanking his lucky stars he even has a job this morning because frankly he should have been fired on the spot.  I betcha though the Jets will make up some lame excuse as to why he is keeping his job and this organization will become a laughing-stock. 

Another question I have is why are there a bunch of other assistants lined up right on the sidelines?  Is this part of their ploy?  Do they instruct their outside coverage to push the gunners out-of-bounds into this line?  If that’s the case, that’s just dirty pool.  It may be within the parameters of the rules but c’mon guys, are you really that desperate to gain an edge?  I get it that your QB is awful and your head coach is inept at everything beyond soundbites. 

There is nothing about this situation that is good.  The Jets team should be fined, Rex Ryan should be fined and this coach should be fired.  I am so happy this morning to be a fan of the true New York football team. 

Finally, this played reminded me of another instance of a coach going overboard.  Here it is:

You know me, anytime I can get a shot in on the Ohio State I will!!!!


2 Responses to “A Shameful Display”

  1. Li'l Em-Kel Says:

    Shades of the Dickey Moegle-Tommy Lewis incident in the ’54 Cotton Bowl. Not so egregious but perhaps even more sinister. Coaches are supposed to be a little less excitable.

    • That’s exactly it. I saw that play yesterday and knew it reminded me of something. I had to do a bit of research on that. The cotton bowl was worse but I would hope a professional coach would have a better head on his shoulders.

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