For the Person with Everything

Do you have that person in your life that seems to have everything?  The kinda guy or gal that never gives you an answer when you ask ’em what they want for Christmas.  The one who you struggle with every year when it comes to shopping?  Well, luckily you got me workin’ for ya.

Courtesy of the super-awesome site Uncrate, I have two great ideas.  One has ideas that are crazy affordable and the other for the movie buff in your life.

First:  the Bacon Gift Guide.  It has everything from bacon lip balm to bacon vodka even bacon soap.  Now who wouldn’t want to go around smelling like nature’s perfect food?  Really it seems the spectrum of bacon products is ever-growing.  Gotta love this country.

The 2nd one:  the house from the Godfather.  Just think of the parties you can have there.  Who would say no to a fiesta at the Corleone’s maison?  (neat, just combined spanish, italian and french.  I am so freakin’ wordly)  So the price is a little high but I think if you are creative enough, you can make up that price some how.  Now that would make you the ultimate Godfather nut. 

Consider yourself welcomed.  Enjoy your weekend.


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