Straight Cash Homey!!!!!

Apparently that is the Boston Red Sox philosophy this offseason.

After completing the huge blockbuster trade on Sunday for slugging 1st baseman Adrian Gonzalez and signing him to an extension (I know he’s not signed yet per say, but you get the gist) they open the coffers for the premier position player on the market and inked Carl Crawford to a 7 year $142 million dollar contract.  Frankly, I am still in a state of shock.

I figured the Gonzo deal would be “The Move” for the winter followed by a bunch of little ones to fill out the team.  I just thought that things would be business as usual up on Yawkey Way, never would I imagine this.  It seems they went into this off-season with a well-defined and aggressive plan and so far everything is coming up milhouse.

This is just what the team needed to do.  The organization and its fan base had become stagnant over the past few years.  We all loved the 2004 team and we respected the 2007 team.  The past three seasons though there has been a change.  While the play on the field had been extraordinary, the team was missing something.  They didn’t have that pizzazz, that fizzle and sizzle.  Seemed there was always more drama than a mexican soap.  Between the Mike Lowell situation, the Manny trade, Papi being pissy, Ellsbury softness and Paps antics the fan base grew disenchanted with the team.  This reared its ugly head this year in the ratings.  Both NESN and the radio ratings took a sharp downward slide.  Yeah, the sellout streak is still intact but if they stayed status quo, that would have ended this year.

There is no coincidence with the timing of these two moves.  Saturday is Christmas at Fenway, the annual start of ticket sales.  This year should be huge.  The excitement around this team is at a high not seen in many years.  Sox management has rewarded its fans with a team that we deserve.  We all have been blindly forking over our hard-earned dough with as much as a whimper.  You could feel that the fans were sick of it and the front office felt it as well.  These moves, along with others sure to come, should alleviate those feelings as a new wave of euphoria sweeps over Red Sox Nation.

Now, on to the lineup.  Where does this leave the team?  Well now they are very liberal….(left-leaning, get it??? Lame joke huh?)  As of now, six regulars are southpaws(Ells, Crawford, Gonzo, Papi, Drew and Salty) leaving Pedroia, Youk and Scutaro as your regular righties.  Tek and Lowrie are switch-hitters of the bench and Cameron is your lone right-hander.  I’m sure that Tito doesn’t have any issues filling out that line-up card every day but a little more balance would be nice.  I have a gut-feeling that another major moves is in the works. 

As of now, let’s think about 1-9.  You could make a very good case for Ellsbury batting lead-off but he has always been better lower in the line-up.  If you leave Crawford at the top and Pedroia 2nd, the rest of the order can fill ot nicely, all be it, lefty.  Here is my proposal:

Crawford LF, Scutaro/Lowrie SS, Gonzalaz 1B, Youk 3B, Ortiz DH, Pedroia 2B, Drew RF, Salty/Tek C, Ellsbury CF. 

The 3-4-5 hitters are locked in.  I like Pedroia in the 6 hole, well actually anywhere in the line-up, but he is the most versatile player of the bunch.  He could hit anywhere and his production would not change.  Ells is best at the bottom and he and Crawford on the base paths together after the 1st inning is juicy.  Scutaro and Lowrie are good fastball hitters and will see a ton of ’em hitting behind Crawford and in front of Gonzo.  After looking at it for a while I like it a lot. 

I love this new aggressive approach by Theo and company.  It shows a desire to win and a pledge to the fans that they will always put a contender on the field.  I’ve given up the whole “buying a championship thing.”  That is such an outdated and simple-minded argument.  At least teams like the Sox and Yanks are spending the money to improve, unlike the Pirates, Marlins etc that have the owner pocket all the revenue sharing they receive and screw over their fans. 

Boy oh boy thank god I’m a Red Sox fan.  BTW, 62 days till spring training!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 Responses to “Straight Cash Homey!!!!!”

  1. A great gift to fans, indeed, and just 62 days till we get to see them in action. Makes todya’s 20 degree temps feel much warmer.

  2. Another great gift would be tickets

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