This Day in History

A day that changed the history of the world.  A day we should all take time to truly reflect on how better our lives are today because of what happened many decades ago.  Today, take time out of your busy schedule to honor this truly historical event. 

For on this day, 54 years ago, our basketball savior was born: Larry Joe Bird.  Basketball Jesus, the Hick from French Lick, The Great White Hope or Larry Legend however you refer to him just know that he was arguably one of the top-five NBA players of all-time and was one of the saviors of the NBA (along with Magic and MJ.)

My superlatives can only go so far.  He was and will always be my favorite athlete ever.  He is the reason I am such a


huge NBA and Boston Celtics fan.  There truly wasn’t, in my humble opinion, a better all-around baller.  The things he could do on a court were truly breathtaking.  He took on all comers young and old and beat them all.  He was the only player Magic feared.  He abused Dominique and as an older player embarrassed Chuck Person.  Just thinking about these give me the chills.  So for your viewing pleasure, I found some vids of the Greatest Celtic ever for you to enjoy.  Happy Birthday Larry, thanks for the memories!!

One Response to “This Day in History”

  1. Nice way to kick off your basketball coaching debut. I didn’t realize that larry bird shares his birthday with “a day that will live in infamy”.

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