Letting the Dust Settle

Phew!  What a sports weekend.  Well at least if you are a fan of teams from the northeast. 

It started off great with the Red Sox acquisition of Adrian Gonzalez.  A player that Theo has been coveting for years is finally in the fold and I am thrilled and every other Red Sox fan should be as well.  Really he came at a cheap price: no major league talent and no impact on the 2011 team.  Of course I was distraught Sunday night when reports were leaking in that the deal was off because the two sides could not agree on a contract.  When I woke up I was relieved to see that the sides were still talking and were close to signing him to an extension.  I hope that it isn’t thrown too much out of whack because of the ridiculous Jayson Werth contract(seriously who the hell spells Jason with a Y anyway??).  7 years and $126 million for him?  I think it is safe to say this is the worst contract in all of sports.  The only folks crazy happy this AM are Carl Crawford and his agent.  I’m just thrilled that the Red Sox have some juice now heading into the winter meetings.

How about our UConn Huskies?  Don’t let anyone talk bad about this accomplishment.  They won the Big East fair and square.  They are playing within the rules laid out years ago.  Are there better teams that got snubbed out of a BCS game, sure.  That takes nothing away from what this team did.  To win five in a row, against that level of competition with the whole world outside of Storrs counting them out is remarkable.  Will they be huge underdogs against Oklahoma, yes.  I’m guessing 17-21 point dogs.  Do they have a chance to win, absolutely.  A co-worker said that if the two had to play this weekend, UConn would get destroyed.  Give Edsall and his staff a month to figure out a game plan and a win is plausible.  Win or lose this is huge for the Huskies program.  The whole state should be proud.

More importantly my Michigan Wolverines are back playing on New Years Day.  Is it the bowl we all want, no but the Rose Bowl isn’t to far away.  Just the fact they are playing in a decent bowl like the Gator is great.  They get national exposure for recruits and they get an extra month of practice.  That extra practice time is so crucial to teams who are trying to rebuild.  This gives the defense an extra month of reps which is exactly what they need.  This makes New Years day what it should be: a day of football and overeating sitting on my couch. 

 Yep, good weekend of sports.


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