Another New Venture

Today will mark a first for me: I will be taking part in my 1st high school basketball practice as JV coach at Hale-Ray High School.

Never coached basketball before but I know the game and I know how to coach and I am more than ready for this challenge.  The plus side is I know most of the kids because I coach them in baseball but I am a bit nervous about practice today. 

I have a hunch the first couple of days I will be doing a lot of observing just to get a feel for what and how this is going to work.  Luckily the head coach will have the practiced planned out so all I gotta do is follow his lead.  There will actually be three coaches this year.  The head coach has been there for a number of years now and his son is helping out.  He brings D-1 experience from Stetson.  It’ll be great learning from two guys who have been around the game for a long time. 

I always just thought of myself as a baseball coach.  After coaching girls soccer this year I realized that I really love coaching, no matter the sport and frankly, I feel I am pretty good at it.  Once I found out that there was not a JV basketball coach yet, I leapt at the opportunity. 

This will be a very difficult undertaking for both me and my family.  Most practices and all games are at night (Uusually ending between 7 and 9).  That means some very long days and even some stretch of time when I don’t get to see my wife or daughter that often.  Nikki understands though how much I love coaching(the pay doesn’t hurt either) and that this could be a huge stepping stone for me.  Luckily I will be able to take naps in the afternoon to off-set my 2am wake-up call.

What fun is life without challenges anyway? 

Wish me luck and Let’s go Noises!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 Responses to “Another New Venture”

  1. I like the “What fun is life without challenges anyways?” the best.. good luck coaching!

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