Humpday Convo

I have major breaking news:   There is a giant meteor heading toward Earth.  It is surely going to wipe out all civilization.  Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck can not save us.  WE ARE DOOOOOMED!!!!!!!

OK, now that the drama is out-of-the-way, how do you spend your last day.  You have a full 24 hours, from midnight to midnight.  What do you do? 

Me, I get up at five and play 18 holes.  I figured since it is my last day on earth I will most likely shoot my career best.  After that, I grab my family and head up to Fenway for a game (uhh, it’s my fantasy and yes the Red Sox are playing and yes it’s against the Yankees.)  After the game, we all head out to the beach, probably on the Cape and eat and drink the night away laughing, crying and reminiscing.  A day with family doing the things I love to do: golf, baseball, eating and drinking.  Boy, what a great day.  Stupid Armageddon has to ruin everything.

Your turn.


8 Responses to “Humpday Convo”

  1. I’d garden early, then I can agree with the rest of your picks. Of course the Sox would whip the Yanks and the beach would be picture perfect … but all my kids and my husband would have to be with me.

  2. how do you know that the end of the worlds is going to happen between April and October? What if it is the dead of winter with a foot of snow on the ground? What will you do then?

  3. you lie. you’d be at work.

  4. Does the space time continuum matter? Cause there are places to go and people to see that may not fit into a 24 hour day. Since we’re playing make believe…

    Day starts in Seattle, where I enjoy a cup of non-starbucks coffee with my best friend.

    Coninues at Fenway for an afternoon game up on the Monster with the family (good call Jay).

    Moves to the Orpheum Theater in Boston with my brother where the Kings of Leon reprise the best concert we’ve ever seen.

    Then it’s off to Rhode Island for a pitcher of Sangria, some mussels and chorizo out on the patio at Spain.

    Sunset with Manda at the Point.

    You can end it there. If the world is ending, there’s no need to get to midnight. I want to be in my favorite place in the world with my favorite person.

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