The Boss

Today, is the release of “The Promise: the Darkness on the Edge of Town Story.”

Bruce Springsteen’s box set that details the follow-up to the greatest rock album of all time “Born to Run.”

As a huuuuuge Bruuuuuuce fan, I am totally stoked about it.  I loved when they re-released “Born to Run” a few years ago with bonus tracks, concert footage and writings.  This is along those same lines.  This box set has two concert DVD’s and 21 previously un-released songs.  21 new songs!?!?!?!  Really??!!! This is huge!!  I mean when can anyone recall a star as big as Bruce having enough unreleased songs, from as long ago as the 70’s, to have a double CD release?   This is like Coppola announcing he found a new Godfather movie that was filmed 30 years ago or new books by Stephen King that he happened to come across.  These are songs that were written during the E-Streets band heyday and we get to hear them for the 1st time now.  I can’t possibly state in words how excited I am about this.  To help promote this release, Bruce is monopolizing Jimmy Fallon’s show tonight.  He’ll be playing a few songs and doing an interview.  Totally DVRable.

This is a must for any Springsteen fan.  I can’t wait to get mine.

7 Responses to “The Boss”

  1. Marile Cloete Says:

    I am feeling very left out today out here in Africa – seems to be missing all the fun! My box set will hopefully arrive in Dec with my son from Norway. In the meantime – enjoy! For me as a new fan it is really HUUUUGE!
    Do check out my new Springsteen blog at

  2. Great great new box set. check out the companion book to the new box set, packed with incredible photos and stories…

  3. Bruce and Fallon were very amusing last night. Loved the Neil Young skit.

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