Scan or Pat?

I’m not really sure what the debate is?  A full-body scan vs. a pat-down by a TSA agent.  Not even sure why this is an issue.  If anyone truly values their safety why wouldn’t you want to go through the body scan? 

There is a group who is pushing for a “National Opt Out Day’ on November 24th.  They want everyone who is flying to “opt out” of the full body scans and get groped patted down by a TSA agent.  Call me crazy but I would much rather take the machine which A) isn’t intrusive B) doesn’t have fingers C) isn’t a random person D) is quicker and E) is more efficient. 

They claim that it violates our rights to be put through a scanner that shows our naked body to anyone that may be watching at the TSA station.  They say it also may be dangerous because it’s a x-ray.  I guess these folks never went to the dentist. 

You know what I think is more dangerous and more of a violation to me?  Dying when a bomb goes off in my plane.  That’s just me though, call me crazy.

These body scanners are there for our safety and nothing else.  Get over your little issues and just use them.  Don’t cause headaches for everyone traveling on the busiest day of the year because you have some sorta body issue. 

God, causeheads drive me nuts.


2 Responses to “Scan or Pat?”

  1. If we want to stop terrorism on our air planes we need to replicate the procedures the Israelis are using, namely profiling. I refuse to give up my rights and be treated as if I am a guilty criminal. Anyway the scanning and beefed up security is only an illusion to being secure. All a terrorist has to do is blow up the bottle necked TSA line pre-security, so since they can do that why don’t we just take away everyone’s cars since they can be used for terrorism, don’t stop there, we need to be able to see what everyone is thinking and predict who is going to commit a crime and arrest them before they do it. Won’t we be protecting people better this way, nah. We will only be taking away their freedom. According to our constitution we can only prosecute after a crime has been committed (which was on purpose since only then can a people be free). So since we cannot prosecute before a crime is committed we should be looking for those with bad records and profiling those who fit the profile of terrorist (young men of middle eastern heritage) ((who BTW the honest ones don’t mind the profiling and even expect it)), not the 3 year old little girls and 88 yr. old grandmas.

    If a terrorist looked like me I would gladly accept the increased scrutiny, but until that unfortunate day occurs, I chose to live free and “may God damn you if you touch my junk”

    • I’m not really sure how a body scan makes you feel like you are being treated like a criminal. We all need to take extra precautionary steps to ensure our safety and these body scans are the quickest and easiest way to do that. People freak out getting patted down, well then let a machine check you. Really why would anyone care about the “privacy” issues. If I am safer casue of it, get over your selves. It’s something we all have to deal with. I don’t think profiling is the answer. Now you are letting people with judgment decide who is a threat and who isn’t. I don’t trust that at all. Now you are punishing people who look likek they may be terrorists, where are their civil liberties? BTW, terroroists come in all forms. Timothy McVeigh: terrorists. Unabomber: terrorist. Olympic Park bomber: terroroist. All white dudes.

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