Tuesday Randomness

Things have finally calmed down a bit in the news world.   Holy crap what a crazy couple of weeks.  1st the Hayes verdict, than the election, the fallout from the election and the boneheadedness from Bridgeport than the Hayes sentence than Foley conceding, it’s been a little hectic here at the Peacock.  As much as I love breaking news, it’s nice to take a breather once in a while.  Not to long though, we need news to keep us working.  Just a brief respite.

There have been a few things that I have wanted to write about but just didn’t have the time for.  First off, you all heard about the Mother who let her son dress up as Daphne for Halloween.  Her blog and related comments/post made national headlines.  When I first heard about this I couldn’t believe why everyone was all worked up about it.  So what.  Her son wanted to go as Daphne, it’s Halloween.  We dress up as someone we aren’t.  He’s five.  He liked it.  He dressed as her.  What else is there to explain.  End of story.  If he was a little girl dressing as Superman or any other “male” character would anyone care?  Would that make that girl a lesbian?  I don’t think a little boy dressing as a girl will make him gay.  For god’s sake he’s 5!!!!  He’s a kid dressing up!!!  Leave the damn family alone.  All the people hating on him and his mother have some serious issues you all need to get over.  As a father I could care less what me kids dresses up as.  He’s a kid just having fun.

Watched the Bush/Lauer interview last night.  As much as I didn’t like him as the President and that I voted against him twice I still have respect for the man because of what he was.  It’s not an easy job and it is entirely thankless.  I may not have agreed with his choices but he did what he thought was the right thing for the country.  As I listened to him last night he was open, respectful, bitter, angry, remorseful, personable, funny and direct.  Pretty much the reason’s he got elected.  I believe that as time passes history will have a much different view of his eight years in office.  Were they perfect, no but who was. 

Just out this morning:  ESPN is saying so long and farewell to Joe Morgan and Jon Miller from its’ Sunday Night Baseball broadcast.  While no replacements have been named yet, this is without the definition of addition by subtraction.  This isn’t a shot at Jon Miller as it is to Joe Morgan, perhaps the worst baseball announcer ever.  I’ll take ten McCarvers over one Morgan any day and I despise McCarver.  Jon Miller is a fine baseball man.  He is the voice of the World Champion Giants and is great on the radio.  That’s why he’s leaving the TV booth and ESPN jumped at the chance to boot Morgan.  I’m hoping that Orel Hershiser is half the new duo and Dave O’Brien the other half.  Both have earned their stripes and are light-years better than the previous two together.

I’m starting a new gig:  basketball coach.  I will be the JV coach at Hale-Ray for the upcoming season.  This will be a new thing for me, never coached bball before but I can’t wait for the challenge.  I love the game and I hope that love can carry over to success on the bench.  Hopefully my wife can make it through another season 🙂

Finally a little nepotistic (is that a word?) cross promotion.  My Mom has the honor to be part of a book called “Fits Hits and Matters of the Heart….”  She has an essay in it titled Tending the Garden of Grief .  This book is a collection of short stories and essays from free-lance writers from around the country.  This is a work of love by these authors and if you need a gift for a loved one who enjoys to read, I ask you to consider this. 



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