Do you really have a choice?  I mean how hard is it to go out and put a few marks on a little piece of paper.  I’ll tell you what, if you don’t cast a vote for whoever you want you have absolutely no right to complain about how your town/state/country is run.  This is our one chance to make a difference.  Those crazy tea-partiers have done just that and are about to go change the course of this country for better or worse.

Allow me just a minute or two on that.  Two years ago people went out in record numbers to cast their vote for change.  They felt that eight years of Bush/Cheney politics was too much.  They wanted a new direction.  We got it but now it’s not good enough?  These people have given 18 months to fix eight years of problems and now they’re pissed off because the change hasn’t happened quick enough?  What the hell you expect to happen.  Changing the way an entire country takes time.  I voted in 2008 for eight years.  I was willing to give this new regime time.  Change doesn’t happen over night.  What happens in two years if the new congress doesn’t get a lot accomplished?  Do we flop back again? 

Frankly this whole process is embarrassing.  Don’t these politicians get it that the best way to help this country and its’ citizens is to put all these damn petty personal issues aside and work as one to get things done.  Debate is good, but open lines of communication is not.  Stop using the media as a bargaining tool.  Stop trying to get earmarks for your district or state.  Just do whats best for the country.  Whether you are a Dem, a Repub or other, isn’t that all we want.  It’s ok to agree with the other side.  It’s ok to go against your party lines if it’s what’s best.

Remember, it’s not about you it’s about all of us as a nation.

Now, get out there and vote!!


5 Responses to “VOTE!!!!!!”

  1. Li'l Em-Kel Says:

    I voted today to derail the left-leaning locomotive that threatens to crush our economy, debase our national standing, and declare that American citizens who disagree with the President are “enemies.”

    There were not eight years of problems prior to 2008, there were two – starting with the 2006 Democrat congress. That’s when the economy really went sour. Yes, there were smoldering signs of impending disaster: Clinton’s dictate that everybody should have a home whether they could afford it or not; Dodd and Franks’ criminal inattention to the problems at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, in spite of GWB’s warning; Chairman Greenspan’s laughable insistence on super low interest rates. But once the Dems got hold of the purse strings in ’06 the real trouble began. The term “trillions” (as in debt) became not only unsurprising, but commonplace

    It seems every US President inherits a recession. Reagan was bequeathed a real lulu from Carter; Clinton got one from Bush I and gave one to Bush II; And Obama got one, too. Everybody was able to turn the tide fairly quickly except guess who.

    Yeah, they all told lies to get elected, but Barry’s were most egregious. Transparency? Sure! No more DC politics as usual? Of course! End divisive partisanship among Americans? Natch! Who believes this tripe?

    When a controlling political party’s campaign theme is “It could have been worse” you get the sense that even they know what a bollix they’ve made of their stewardship.

    So, yeah, I voted. Let’s see how it goes tonight.

    • Well, for the most part the American people were heard. They wanted change and it seems like they got it, in most parts of the state. Now the question is: What are they going to do with it? Even with the Dems in control, it pissed me off that the two sides could never see eye-to-eye. Yea, money was spent but I think we are starting to see a uptick that the stimulus package helped. September showed a decline in the national debt. The first time in years. We are starting to see the “shovel-ready” jobs get going. Was it slower than expected? Yea, but change takes time. It is unfortunate that the first order of business will be the reversal of the health care law. Since when is it a bad thing to provide health care for all of America. If it’s required so be it. I lived w/o ins. for years and would have loved to have some sort to cover me. Over time, it would have worked but for some reason Rep. are against it. That I will never get. This recession was much deeper than any other. GWBII was helped greatly by 9/11 and the two wars to help him get out. I think that Obama’s thoughts were great but never realized the gorilla that is wash. politics. I think he is still part of the new wave of poli’s that want to change the way business in the nations capitol gets done. Lets hope these next two or six years can see a major reversal.

      • Li'l Em-Kel Says:

        Not to quibble, but what’s wrong with paying for your own health insurance?

      • nothing. Luckily now I work for a company that provides benefits for me. When I first got out of college, I was working part-time jobs. In fact I was working three part-time jobs. I had temporary insurance for a few months, but when that ran out I could not re-up w/o paying the full price and I couldn’t afford it. This healthcare bill would have allowed me to stay on my parents till I was 25 and then provided me w/ coverage till I earned a full-time job. For some people it is tough, I’m not one for handouts but a little help once in a while is nice. I have no issue helping out needy people and if it comes out of my paycheck so be it. We already do it with medicare and social security.

      • Li'l Em-Kel Says:

        Your experience is probably not uncommon. There are likely lots of young people who want insurance but can’t afford it. You would think some enterprising insurance company would find a way to group these (probably healthy) people in a way that would make it profitable to cover them with health insurance at a reasonable cost.

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