College Football

I received this email from my father-in-law Saturday night:

The big 10 schedule is brutal. You have to beat Ohio state (I hate them), Wisconsin, and Iowa to get to the big game. Mich state was a pretender. Media darlings. They are not that good. Penn state is 30 years behind the times. RR’s offense wont work in the big ten. They are too one-dimensional. Oregon is the new media darling, but the PAC 10 is weak. I think O state could beat them. I think the SEC is the best  conference in the country.  The winner should be in the BCS championship. I love college football. So do you. What’s your take on this?
Interesting questions I thought.  Interesting enough for a blog topic even.  So I guess that leaves me with no other options here.
First things first, the Big Ten is punishing this year.  Ohio St., Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan St. are the class of the conference.  I don’t believe that the Spartans are a pretender.  I’ve seen em play and they look pretty good.  OK, so they had a downer against Iowa.  That doesn’t take away from what they’ve done.  They are the 4th best team in a stacked conference.  The other three are sure to battle it out but I agree that neither one of them will be playing for a national title this season.  Penn St.  has potential.  The defense is good but the offense is young. 
Coach Rod’s offense can work in this league.  It has proved that this year.  The biggest hang-up is that a RB hasn’t grasped the reins of the #1 option so Denard is forced to carry the load.  Once he finds his running mate, this group will become even better.   The biggest issue for Michigan is how bad the defense has been.  Year two of the Greg Robinson era has been a bust.  The defense needs to get better for the offense to improve.  RR feels his boys have to score every possession because the defense is just that bad.  That’s a ton of pressure on a young group led by a sophomore who has made just 8 collegiate starts.  While other fans are calling for a change of head coaches, I think that they are moving in the right direction.  What does need to change is the Def. coordinator and the talent needs to improve.  Next years recruits will take care of the latter, the prior I’m sure will be addressed in January after their bowl game.  that’s right I said bowl game.  Gotta have faith right??  Right?  Hello, anyone?
Yes, the Pac-10 is weak but Oregon is crazy good.  They are abusing the weaker opponents but they still have some tough games left.  The Civil War against Oregon St. looms as well as games at Cal and against Arizona.  If they can get through that they deserve to be playing for the title.  I truly think they are one of the best 5 teams in college football and are a heavy favorite for a showdown against the SEC winner.
Auburn has everything to lose and really nothing to gain.  They play a patsie this week, a weak Georgia team the 13th and then they are at Bama for the Iron Bowl.  I wouldn’t be shocked if they dropped in the BCS because of the bad schedule therefore flipping spots with Boise St.  That means the Tigers would have to beat the Tide to get a) a spot in the SEC title game and b) a #2 ranking in the BCS.  A lose means that Alabama will more than likely slide into those spots and locking Auburn out of pretty much anything except maybe the Orange Bowl.  That would leave Bama and South carolina battling for the SEC title.  Here’s the rub though.  If the Tide win, they’ll play Oregon Jan. 1oth in Glendale if the ‘Cocks win, then Boise St. gets that right and no one outside Idaho wants that.
So I think that’s what it looks like.  You got four teams that are in line for the national title.  Of course anything can happen in college football.  That’s why we watch.
Hope that answered your questions Tom.

4 Responses to “College Football”

  1. 30 years behind the times still was enough to post a “W” on Saturday against Big Blue baby! Hope you are doing well. They will be very dangerous (Michigan) next year.

  2. tom hinkle Says:

    Knew I could count on you for a informed opinion. The big 10 has always been a defiense conference. Look at Ohio st. recently. Mich with a defense, wow they could be good. I compare Ore to Boisie. If you can stop them you can beat them. TCU is really good. I love college football.

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    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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