Tip-Off Time!!!!!!!!

Finally, after months of waiting the time is upon us.  After months of agonizing over a terrible loss, laughing at a “decision” and reading a Basketball Bible I am ready as the “Drive for 18” begins tonight.

I can’t recall a more potentially compelling NBA season than this one.  We have the defending champs (ugh, just threw up in my mouth a little) LA Lakers who won only because Kendrick Perkins switched knees with Andrew Bynum and not because they were a better team.  They weren’t.  Damn it!!!!! The C’s had that thing in the bag.  If only they coulda grabbed a few rebounds.  Jesus now I’m all fired up.  

****taking a step back****   ******breathing in and out slowly********  **********finding my happy place*******

OK, where was I?  Oh yea, we got the Lakers and the C’s reloaded with hungry veterans.  The Heat have D-Wade and his cohorts.  The Mavs in Big-D with big Dirk ready for one more run.  Chicago is young, talented and hungary.  The Magic have all the potential but have yet to put it all together.  The Thunder are ready to make some huge noise.  Carmelo is just waiting to be traded and will drastically change the races in both conferences.  The scoring will be up and they have young, dynamic stars littered all over the league.  All this adds up to one helluva season.

Of course my focus is on the one team that actually matters.  I am primed and ready for another great one by the one and only Boston Celtics.  I love his team.  They have the coaching, the stars, the role players and the personality to lead them to a title.  They are the deepest Celts team since, dare I say it, 1986.  Yep, I said it.  I just compared this team to the greatest C’s team of all time and one of the top-five teams of all time. 

I’m not saying that this team will be as good as that team but they are set up very similarly.  Both have a great core of stars that play well together and just want to win.  A deep bench with guys who know their roles and a coach who knows how to tie it all together.  I can’t possibly say enough good things about this years Boston team.

It all starts tonight when D-Wade and the Heat make their way to the Garden for the season tip-off.  When was the last time you can remember the most intriguing game of the season is game #1?  It’s like a better, more interesting and athletic version of NASCAR. 

I fully expect the Celts to come out tonight and take the Heat behind the woodshed.  Yes, Miami will win close to 70 games this year because one of their new additions has to prove to the world that he didn’t take the easy way out,  really is the best player in the world, won’t quit on his teammates, doesn’t have an inferiority complex, isn’t here to piggyback D-Wades success and really does care more about hoops than business.  Sorry, got off on a bit of  a tangent there.  As i was saying the C’s only need to prove themselves against the cream of the crop the NBA has to offer.  They know they already have a playoff spot locked up.  They know they can win on the road in the playoffs so seeding isn’t a huge issue.  The biggest key for the C’s is staying healthy and keeping those legs fresh.

The first month or two though, watch out.  a 20-2 or 25-4 start wouldn’t surprise me in the least.  Cruising to a 50 win season wouldn’t shock me either.  At least this season I will expect it and recognize what exactly is going down.

I understand this is only a two-year window.  I will enjoy every moment of it.  As much as I love the Red Sox, sometimes it’s nice to root for a team that throws all their eggs into one basket and says “We’re going for it all now.  Yes we know it will hurt us a bit in the future but the time to strike is upon us and we are doing everything we can to get one or two more titles.”  I love it.  The other Celtics fans should love it.  The media in Boston should love it (and the team, which so far they do).  You know who won’t love it???

Yeah that’s right the rest of the NBA.  LETS GO CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One Response to “Tip-Off Time!!!!!!!!”

  1. Just think, this time next year we will be in the Garden watching #18 get put up in the rafters! God I love this game!

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