The Least I Can Do

I have a few different topics I could have chosen today.  There is the 25th anniversary of  “Back to the Future” and how great of a movie series it was but if Eric Stoltz was Marty McFly it would have been a huge flop:

Then there is the absolutely idiotic idea of banning WWE shirts and other paraphernalia from polling places across the state.  How can the Secretary of the Sate actually think that some local yahoo wearing an Undertaker shirt will influence an educated voter?  If you ask me the Dem’s are scared shitless and Bysiewicz is very bitter about her failed candidacy,

How about this finish to a PGA tournament?       Now that’s a way to wrap up a long day at the office.  No one outside of Joe Carter and Bill Mazeroski have had a better ending.

Today though, I am in a sharing type of mood.  Yesterday I informed you of a friends quest for the McRib Sandwich.  Today I am paying it forward a bit.  Or am I paying her back.  I’m not quite sure but I can see myself paying her in the future and I hope you all do too.  Outside of my wife and my mother, Manda is my favorite baker.  The days she brings in random baked goods always brightens up my day.  From her crack balls to her banana bread to pumpkin muffins, I love all her yummy delights. 

Finally she has set out a grassroots business that she is starting from scratch.  Honey Mommy Yummies is the name of her new business.  She has started a fan page on Facebook.  I implore all my readers to give her a call if you need any baked goods made for any occasion.  I promise that you will love ’em. 

This is what I do, I’m a giver!


6 Responses to “The Least I Can Do”

  1. It’s not the educated voters that the paraphernalia rule is directed at.. or that we should be worried about… ugh. I can’t wait for election season to be over.

  2. Li'l Em-Kel Says:

    Did you say the dems were scared shitless or scared shirtless?

  3. Thanks for the shameless plug Jay!

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