A Not-So-Healthy Journey

I am not a proponent of fast food restaurants.  In fact I have not eaten at a Mickey D’s/BK/T-Bell/Wendy’s/ whatever else since 2004.  I used to make regular stops to these establishments which I am sure helped contribute to a jump in body mass.  When I decided to try to change my lifestyle, I had to cut these out cold turkey.  With that being said, I feel I have to let you all know of a pursuit a friend of mine has started.

He was a classmate of mine at King’s College and now is a writer for NHL.com.  Not only is he a good sportswriter but he’s got a fairly good sense of humor.  These two traits make his new blog a worthy read.  The Pursuit of 40 McRibs is his day-by-day account of his goal of 40 McRibs in 40 days.  It’s a worth goal and I wish Brian the best of luck on his quest.

Good eating my friend.


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