We’re Coaches, Not Babysitters

This has happened to me numerous times.  Every time it pisses me off too. 

Parents tend to think that they can use coaches as babysitters.  Whether it is after games or practices, more times than not, I have to wait with a player till a parental figure comes to pick them up. 

Last night I had to wait ten minutes with two kids.  It was late, we had been at a game since 3:30 and call me crazy, but at 8:15 I kinda want to go home. 

I realize that sometimes there are mitigating circumstances.  Once in a while I may run a practice late and I am sure to apologize to the kids and whatever parents I see.  We do warn kids at the start of the season that some practices may go a little long and to understand that we are trying to fit so much into such a small window of time. 

What really irks me though:  when I don’t even get a “Thank You” from the parents for staying late.  Sometimes it has been up to a 1/2 hour.  They just pull in, get their kids and leave.  Completely ungrateful.  Yet, if I was to leave for something I had to do I would get in trouble. 

The simple thing is:  don’t use your kids coaches as your weekday babysitters.  If you want to I will be more than happy to charge an hourly fee for every minute I have to wait with your child.  Trust me, that’ll cost ya. 

OK, I’ve stepped off my soapbox.


4 Responses to “We’re Coaches, Not Babysitters”

  1. the only exceptions are hilarious kids who like to chill with hendu after practice and have meaningful conversations, like me, right hendu?


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