BCS: It’s just some BS

The first BCS ranking came out yesterday for college football.  It has become obvious that there is not going to be a football playoff system any time soon, but do we need all the hubbub over these rankings this early in the season?

Oklahoma is the current #1.  If anyone has seen the Sooners play this year there is no way you can think they are the best team in the country.  Well, for this week at least.  They’ve beat a Florida St. team that had yet begun to play well and a struggling Texas team by 8 at a neutral site.  Those aren’t great wins.  Their other wins are against low-level D-1 (sorry it is still D1 to me, not FBS) teams like Utah St and Air Force by a combined 10 points.  They also beat a down Cincinnati team by just two until blowing out a sad-sack Iowa St. on Saturday.  Not a great resume.  I’m not really sure what the computers see here.  They are not even ranked in the top two in either major poll.

While Oregon’s schedule is just as weak, at least their wins are much more convincing.  They are #1 in points for D1 schools and 16 in points allowed.  They have the type of game which fans and voters love and have been nothing short of dominate this season.  They are just a notch above Boise St. in this poll and for all of our sakes, lets keep ’em there.

Hopefully you are like me and are sick of the Boise St. hype machine.  They are good, but they are not the best team in the country.  They play a joke of a schedule and should not be rewarded for it.  Put them through the rigors of an SEC or Big Ten schedule and there is no way they go undefeated.  In fact I think they would be Michigan.

It is way to early for this poll to come out.  Yeah some of the top teams have lost and of right now, they have to be nearly perfect to get back into the national spotlight.  Ohio St dropped 10 spots after their loss to Wisconsin.  You can’t convince me that there are 9 better teams in the country better than the Buckeyes.  Also, Alabama is #7.  These two are still the best two teams in the football.  Both loss tough games on the road against good defenses and hostile crowds.  Oklahoma has faced nothing like that yet.  Even Oregon had to go into Knoxville and survive Rocky Top about 5,000 times.

To cap it off, ESPN dedicated an entire show to the release last night.  C’mon guys, it is October.  Who the “F” really cares?  WHy just so you can have your own ranking next to teams only to confuse the fans even more.  Jeez, the more I write about this the more I get irritated at the whole thing. 

At the end of the season, lets hope the computers get it right.  No Boise St.  No TCU.  Oregon, Ohio St, Alabama, Michigan St, Auburn, Stanford, West Virginia, Florida St, Nebraska and, and …….  oh crap, I guess it’s gotta be Boise St.  Oh well, as long as they aren’t playing for the national title it’s OK.


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