Humpday Convo

I like this mid-week nugget.  I can get some good insight on some of me readers.  Now the challenge is getting more responses.  Give it time young padawan.  This week we’re getting deep.  Down into the bowels of our soul.  Okay, maybe not that extreme but we are getting a bit more personal.  This weeks question is:

What is your greatest achievement?

I know that kids or getting married are up there so you can’t put those.  Be a little selfish here.  What have you done in your life that you re most proud of?  I’ve been thinking about it a few days and it is tougher than I thought.  After some careful consideration

I think I am most proud of being the last one to put us on the air from our old building last July and the first to put us on the air in the new building that same day.  It was quite a historic day here.  We were the first HD newscast ever in CT and I was a major part of it.  Looking back at what we did and where we have come always puts a smile on my face. 

Your turn………


4 Responses to “Humpday Convo”

  1. Getting through 4 years of high school while managing to write only 1 paper. Reused that badboy 5 times, twice in the same year, with only minor edits. And I never got less than a B on it. Now that’s a great accomplishment if I have ever heard one.

    • That may be the greatest story of public school education I have ever heard. Never realized you were so resourceful. I’ll be honest I teared up a bit with pride upon hearing. Along those lines, I “lost” 8 or 9 aunts during my four years of college.

  2. Li'l Em-"Home of Champions"-Kel Says:

    In the last few years before I retired from the advertising business to spend more time with my jitters, I was a copywriter/creative director at a smallish regional agency in Florida. One slow Friday afternoon I did a quick calculation and determined that, over a two year period, I had written and produced more than 700 spots, about 90% of which were 60 sec radios and the rest 30 sec TVs. I suspect this is a state record, perhaps a national one, for an individual.

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