We’re #11!!!!!

WOOHOO!!  #11!!!  Way to go East Haddam!!!  Yankee Magazine just named my tiny little hamlet the 11th best place in New England for Foliage.  OK, the world, because frankly what better place is there than New England for foliage.  That’s right, #11.  Right there with Grafton, VT and Walpole, NH.  Plus we beat out some other well-known towns like the Cornwall’s in CT and Stowe.  We also have the distinction of the southern most town for leaf-peeping.  Frankly, we’re kind of a big deal.

The Goodspeed Opera House

Seriously though, for a town that struggles getting revenue streams, this is a big deal.  We rely so much on the tourism dollar for our economy.  We like to hang on to our “small town” feel so no chain stores are allowed to build in town.  We may be one of the few towns in Southern New England w/o a Dunkin Donuts.  That law really handcuffs us and our tax base.

This ranking could reap huge benefits for our small town.  Tourists come and spend money.  Money that this town needs to run better.  Our schools need the help.  Our town works dept. needs the help.  Our development commission needs the help.  We already have some great touristy things like the Goodspeed Opera House and Gillette’s Castle.  This ranking is only going to bring more in, hopefully.

So please, come to East Haddam.  It’s a great little town with really friendly people.  Come spend your hard-earned dollars.  Stay in our bed and breakfasts(Boardman house and Bishopsgate Inn), hike our trails, eat at our restaurants, feel free to stay a while. 

You’ll fall in love with it just like I have.


4 Responses to “We’re #11!!!!!”

  1. East Haddam is a hidden treasure. Whenever I tell people I live in East Haddam they usually say “ooooh its nice there”!! It’s a perfect mix of swamp yankees and people that have migrated to town such as myself. Coming from Hartford I wasnt sure if I could adapt to the East Haddam environment, it took a little time but have grown very fond of our little town and community.
    Don’t forget Devils Hopyard and Chapman Falls!!

  2. Li'l Em-Kel Says:

    Congratulations on your selection as the 11th best place for leaf peepers. I’ve got you slated for my annual foliage tour in 2021. See you then!

    Seriously though, E-Had is a beautiful little town and you should be (and obviously are) proud.

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