House Hunting

This could be the most frustrating thing that I have ever done.  Looked at another house yesterday.  One that Nikki looked at last week and loved.  Me, not so much.  We were all set to throw an offer at the owner till I walked through it.  I’m glad I did.  Was it a nice house, yeah.  Did I want to pay their asking price, HELL NO!!!  The problem I see in houses now is not the present conditions but what will need to be done in the future. 

See, our next house will be our last house (crossing fingers) so I want one that will need minimal short-term updates and just a few long-term ones.  All I saw in this place was the need for new windows, carpets, hardware and central air.  That was just the immediate needs.  Plus It just didn’t feel like “IT”, ya know.  That’s huge to me.  It’s gotta feel like THE HOUSE and this didn’t have that feel. 

So this is strike 3.  The first one we pulled out because it didn’t feel right.  The second one the owners took another offer and now this.  The thing that sucks is there is not a lot more out there and our window of opportunity is closing quickly.  In another week or so the FHA mortgage insurance is going up $150/month.  What that means is that affects what our price range is.  It could lower it almost $15-20 g’s.  That is a large difference.  Right now there isn’t much in our range and even less the lower the price gets. 

Whats so maddening is how close we have come each time.  Our real estate agent has been great and she’s gotta feel as frustrated.  Yesterday we were within 2 hours of getting a proposal then I kiboshed that.  Right now I just don’t know if buying a house will happen anytime soon unless a minor miracle occurs. 

Hopefully, whenever this rollercoaster search ends, we all can be happy with the results, for now it is tough to see a light at the end of the tunnel.


3 Responses to “House Hunting”

  1. Good approach. So many people buy for the wrong reasons. I think you have a good grasp on the imortant factors. 1) Does it feel like home? Is it someplace you can invision raising your children? 2) Can you afford it, does it make sense financially? 3) Is it a good investment?
    Typically homes in central CT such as East Haddam are good investments and hold there value. But as you said if it needs allot of short term repairs you are looking at it potentially not being a good fit financially. The last thing you need is allot of added stress when moving into a new home.

    • Also what makes it tough is that I am very picky. I know what I want and I really don’t want to compromise on that. I feel if you are going to do it then do it right

  2. How did you become so wise?

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