It’s 3:45am, What You Talkin’ Bout?

I’ll tell ya, we have a wide variety of topics that we roll through at that time of day.  Get a bunch of people in a room dealing with sleep deprivation and who knows where the convo goes.  Most of the time it’s fueled by myself and Renee(who leans a tad toward cooky) and we just carry it in odd directions. 

This AM was no different.  We started our day out singing this: .  I mean how bad a day can it be when that kicks it off.  Of course in a way how can a moment top the completely organic moment of singing a great 80’s sitcom theme song.  Damn, I guess it’s all downhill now. 

Somehow we moved from that to discussing how craptastic Philly is.  Do you realize in just a few months a Philly fan made himself throw up on a father and son, had a fan tazed on the field and this jackass from last night: .  Now they are rooting on a dog killer.  Stay classy Philly.  This just goes to show that the only 2 good things to come from that city are cheese steaks and cream cheese.  Don’t give me that whole Cradle of Independence crap either because I’ll shut you up.  There is no defending that city.

That led into Ben Franklin which somehow led into Teddy Roosevelt and his presidency.  Renee then learned us some facts about Teddy that she remembered from her 5th grade report on him (did I mention she was a little cooky?)

Now, we just wrapped up talking about the worst movie of all time.  Right now we have votes for Haunted Mansion, The Room and Basic Instinct 2.

All this while putting on a quality news program.  We are pretty good at multi-tasking.


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