Jeter Cheater?

Yea, I don’t think so.  Why the hell is the sports world all up in arms about Derek Jeter’s play from Wednesday night.  If you missed it, here it is:

I don’t get what everyone is all in a tizzy about.  His job is to get on base.  The umpire awarded him 1st base.  What else is he supposed to do?  Maybe the umpire could make the right call one time.  I’m sick of seeing these guys all high and mighty about this topic.  He did what any other athlete would do. 

I can’t believe that these pundits are questioning his character now.  This guy has been the face of the game for a decade and a half.  One of the great winners in the sport and a great role model.  So because the umpire didn’t do his job properly, Jeter gets lamb-basted?  It’s an absolute joke.

How is what he did any different from an outfielder diving to catch a ball, trapping it, and still coming up selling the catch?  Or a catcher framing a pitch as a strike that was a ball.  Or a basketball player flopping trying to draw a foul.  I’ll tell ya, there is no difference.  It’s called gamesmanship and that is what winners try to do to gain an advantage.

The fact that ESPN pretty much dedicated their entire day to this is embarrassing.  I mean they were asking NASCAR drivers what they thought.  Hey, at least ask a real athlete (oooooh, low blow)!! 

Here’s a hint, let it go.  You look moronic.  How bout ya focus on the races that matter like the NL East and West.

OK, soapbox is put away.  Thanks, have a great weekend.

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