33 for 33

33 things that I have learned during my 33 years on Earth.  Some are deep, some are dumb but all are relevant.

#33: Eat, Drink and be Merry for tomorrow we die.  (Thanks Dave…)

#32: It’s better to regret something you did than something you didn’t do.  (Thanks Flea)

#31: Kids say shoot, adults say shit!

#30: Overall, people suck.  Not you guys though, y’all a’ight.

#29: No matter how hard you work, someone will always have something negative to say.  Ignore ’em and be satisfied with what you’ve done.

#28: Hard work always seems to pay off.  Just give it time.

#27: 2am always comes waaaaaaaay to early.

#26: Breakfast Pizza is truly the breakfast of champions!

#25: Beer is a way of life, my way of life and I tend to keep it that way!  (Right Homer….)

#24: Baseball is the greatest game on Earth.

#23: Golf is both satisfying and frustrating.  Can someone explain why that is?

#22: If someone asks yo if you are a god, you say YES!!!!!

#21: 8am classes blow but 3 gym classes in a row during a semester is kick-ass!

#20: Throwing a full tub of butter against a wall is never a good way to try to win an argument.

#19: As much as it sucks, parents are usually right. 

#18: Never look down a tube filled with propane when you are trying to light it.  You won’t like the results.

#17: Six guys in a college apartment rarely leads to anything positive for society, but makes beer store owners very happy.

#16: No matter what your brain says, your body will always remind you that you aren’t in college anymore.

#15: Never hunt down whiffleballs in the top of an abandoned building.  You tend to get stung. A LOT!!!

#14: When a women asks you why you didn’t put +1 on her wedding invite, don’t answer by saying “Why, you’ll never find anyone.”

#13: Always shut off your cell phone around strippers.  Trust me.

#12: If your friends leave you at a Pizza Place, Dobermann’s will chase you.  It’s only inevitable.

#11: Cans of baked beans thrown in a fire explode and can be a tad life-threatning.

#10: Drinking an entire box of wine is never a good way to spend a night.  Makes the next morning even worse.

#9: Emu’s run really, really fast.

#8: Cars and garage doors don’t mix well.

#7:  To put on a plow, all you need is a fence and a garbage can to kick.  It really is that easy.

#6: Everything always works once you find the right combinations of swear words.

#5: 2nd impressions can be just as important than 1st ones.

#4: Find a women(or man) who makes you happy and hold onto them as long as humanly possible.

#3: Kids change everything for the better.

#2: Keep family and friends close.

#1: Cherish times with the ones you love, things could change in a heartbeat.  Never, ever take it for granted.


4 Responses to “33 for 33”

  1. #26 – cold breakfast pizza is even better, no?
    #24 – yes to the greatest game, agree to disagree on the greatest team.
    #23 – Amen.

    That’s all! Good post.

  2. If someone fully understands and grasps #1 on your list they truly hold the key to success.
    Thanks for the list. Happy Birthday!!

  3. Love #s 1 and 2. Thank goodness I can now laugh at #s 18, 20, and 8. You learned #31 early … you were about four. I think you left out some important steps when it comes to putting on a plow.

    Wouldn’t have passed up these 33 years for anything.

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