Time of Death…..

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Oh to give a rough estimate, I would say somewhere around 10:15 Sunday night as Carl Crawford was circling the bases.

As valiant of an effort the Red Sox gave, I think I can safely say that the playoffs are nothing but a pipe dream now.  Just to many injuries to overcome.  Hell, you gotta give them credit for staying this close this long.  How many other clubs do you know of that have lost their leadoff hitter the entire year, their #2 hitter half the year, their clean-up hitter half the year, starting center fielder for two-thirds of the year and still remain a viable play-of contender?

They gave it all they got, but in the end, there was just too much stacked against them.  Now I hope that this team can rally back from this huge hole.  Lets be honest though, making up 6 1/2 games in September would be a historic event.  So barring anything that shocking, lets cal them what they are:  A flawed team with a lot of heart that made this summer really interesting.

For now though lets just thank our BoSox for the good times. Now it is on to bigger and better things:  Like my Michigan Wolverines, New York Giants and after week one, the UConn Huskies.

Only five days till college football and 11 days till the NFL season.

Giddy Up!!!!!!


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  1. Nice try

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