Trust the Gut

That seemed to be the phrase of this past week.  God know how much Nikki and I uttered those words or they were said back to us.

We were as close as anyone can come to signing a housing contract but we decided to back out.  Why?  Because nothing felt right about the situation.  Deep down our gut feeling overruled our emotional feeling.  It had not been a very fun process.  We felt we were getting jerked around a bit by the builder and his mortgage person.  In the end we decided to cut the line.  In this market, as buyers, we felt we had no advantage, and that is not how this market is playing out now. 

Nikki and I both trust our first-impressions on people.  More often than not, they are dead on.  Both of us felt turned-off by the people we were in talks with.  Like I said, trust the gut, it has yet let me down.

So be it though.  We both feel better about the whole thing.  We still are renting a great little place with fantastic landlords who are thrilled to be keeping us around for a bit longer.  It was a good experience overall.  We learned a little about the housing market and will use that knowledge as we go forward in the process.  As nice as the market is now for buyers, it may only get better.  Rates and prices keep dropping so patience may be the key here.  At least it gives us more time to pay down some debt, making us more attractive to banks. 

So, in a way I guess you can say, we are back on the market and we are very happy about that.


3 Responses to “Trust the Gut”

  1. Thats a very mature approach. It’s easy to become short sighted and impatient when you really want something. Good luck in your search! I like the new name and look of your blogs, hope you dont mind me following you over here.

  2. Absolutely! I echo Pete’s response. In the end, being able to say NO can be empowering.

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