Dawning of a New Day

Well, this is it.  My first entry on my new blog.  Mmmmmmm, it still has that “New Blog Smell”  too!  I’m excited about this new venture.  I really enjoy the new look:  more sleek and modern, much like myself.

The story about the name:  It is actually a play on one of my favorite Pearl Jam songs:  Brain of J.   this so happens to be the performance of the song from the Meadows, which BTW was one of the best concerts I’ve been too.  2 1/2 hours of high-energy rock.  I’ve thought about this as a name for a while now.  I think it works perfectly. 

I’ll warn you all ahead of time, it’s bout that time of year.  You know, where every young man’s fancy turns to men in pads.  Yep that’s right, football season is upon us.  One week till the college kids take the field and two weeks till NFL kicks off.  Oh boy, I can’t wait.  This weekend I have three drafts.  Yeah, I’m one of those fantasy football dorks but I’m ok with it, at least I don’t live in my mom’s basement.  My leagues range from somewhat competitive(which I won last season) to “bragging rights” competitive( bunch of guys from work w/ my brother and a college friend, 2nd place last year) to uber-at-your-throat-big-money-on-the-line competive(2nd place again.)  It was a good financial windfall last year, lets hope I can duplicate or exceed it this year.

This next week will be nothing short of fantabulous.  Drafts on Saturday and Sunday.  Huge golf tourney on Monday then off to beautiful Ann Arbor this time next week.  I am actually only working one day next week and only three the following.  Add that with the weather and I am all sorts of giddy.  You can’t see me but I just did the dance of joy.    It was quite a sight.


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