Tough Day

Isn’t this always the case:  when it rains, it pours.  Seems like the Maize and Blue can’t catch a break.  Well, in this case they actually suffered a huge break.

Michigan senior Troy Woolfolk was supposed to be the leader and impact player this year in the secondary for the Wolverines.  Yesterday at practice, his season ended with a dislocated ankle and a broken femur.  A truly devastating loss that makes the weakest part of the team even thinner.  Michigan has lost 5 potential DB’s the last eight months and now head into the campaign in two weeks with a very young and very un-proven secondary corp.

Not a good start to what is already being labeled as a make-or-break season for Rich Rod and crew.  A bit of a saving grace is that the UConn team will not be very pass-happy the first week, but that could change now.  As inexperienced as Michigan is in the defensive secondary, UConn is as much so with their receivers.  The major issue is UConn’s QB is really good and can throw the deep ball.

Is this a season-ending injury for the team?  Not at all.  I think that this is just one more thing that this team has to overcome and I see the coaching staff rallying their troops into an “Us against the World” kinda feeling.  No one is giving this squad a chance now and that’s the way I like it.  Quell expectations and just focus on getting better.  Usually teams like that surprise everyone.  This team has way too much talent to have another losing season.

At least that’s what all the loyal Maize and Blue fans hope.

BTW, 16 days till kick-off!!!!

Jason Hendry is a morning director at NBC Connecticut.  He is an avid sports fan who also likes to dabble in politics, music, food, movies and other aspects of pop culture.  His true passions in life are his family and baseball.

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2 Responses to “Tough Day”

  1. brouhahasports Says:

    That first game is absolutely HUGE for Michigan. UConn is no slouch. A win against UConn would do wonders RichRod and his job security. A loss and the pressure mounts.

    • @ brouhaha yeah tough game, but Michigan should win, better athletes, bigger and faster plus it will be such an emotional day. Ill be there rootin hard for the maize and blue.

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