Baby Making

Is it just me or have you noticed a lot of baseball players and their wives having babies during the season?  I know that on the Red Sox in the past year, the Pedroia’s, Buchholz’s and Lestor’s all welcomed a new bundle of joy during the season.  Mark Teixiera missed last nights game and will miss the rest of the Texas series to be with his wife for the birth of their third child.  Not like a series against a potential play-off foe is a big deal or anything.  I also see it happen a lot during other seasons. 

Here is what irks me.  These professional athletes are so in-tuned with their bodies and their schedules.  They are creatures of habits during the season and any little blip in that schedule could throw them off.  I’m sure that having a newborn in his house affected Lestor in his last few starts.  Hell, I was tired last year and I didn’t have the burden of starting major league games.  During the off-season these players set up such a rigid timeline to get them ready for the season.  I think it is time to add a new task:  knocking your wife up. 

First, don’t do it right when the season is over.  That is setting up the whole mid-season time off issue.  Here’s the timeline:  get your wife pregnant right before the season (baseball players in Feb. or March for example) therefore your wife gives birth in Oct. or Nov. and yo don’t have to take anytime off during the season, you re home for her when she needs you the most and you get to spend the first three or four months with your new child.

When you think about, it’s not too much to ask of these players to schedule their family life around the seasons of our favorite teams.  Really guys, stop being so selfish.

Jason Hendry is a morning director at NBC Connecticut.  He is an avid sports fan who also likes to dabble in politics, music, food, movies and other aspects of pop culture.  His true passions in life are his family and baseball.

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3 Responses to “Baby Making”

  1. first, they probably can afford to have a team of nannies and caretakers around to take care of the kids so that they are not up all night themselves taking care of the babies.
    Second, Since they travel so much, when october finally roles around, their wives are anxious to see them.

  2. Wow Jay! I can’t believe you said that out loud, never mind wrote about it. You kill me. Miss you guys!

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