Time to get a few things outta my head that have been floating around in there.

First off:  to all those Red Sox fans who have stopped watching NESN and listening to WEEI, GOOD RIDDANCE!!!  A story was out earlier citing that viewership was down 36% as compared to last season.  I think it’s all those fringe fans, the “Pink Hatters” who liked the Sox when it was fashionable and hip to like the Sox.  Know the team faces a bit of adversity and they bail.  Good, we don’t want ya.  Stay away too, the Rays need some cheap fans go root for them. 

Some people have even refered to the team as boring.  The Sports Guy just wrote a whole piece on on the topic.  I could not disagree more.  Yes it’s been tough watching all our best players go down but I have loved seeing the fill-ins step-up and produce.  The team has kept its head above water and now that they are getting their injured players back:  watch out.  The starting pitching is hitting it’s stride and Pedroia nd Ellsbury are about a week away.  Lets see the ratings and the excitement when the Sox are a game or two out in September.

Second: I am done with all this talk about American Idol and the Jersey Shore.  These are pointless and mind-numbing television shows.  AI has run its course and Jersey Shore is just TV crack.  All this hype for two jokes of a show while the best and most real reality show ends a season with little to no fanfare.  Deadliest Catch just wrapped up its finest season.  The way they dealt with the sudden death of Captain Phil Harris was superb TV producing.  It was classy and poignant.  The creators and producers and all other folks involved in the show should be proud of their efforts and deserve some recognition.  Seeing hard-worn men deal with the death of a gret friend was as real as TV can get and as well as TV can be done.

Third: NFL Training Camps kick off these next few days.  Oh Boy!  Only 35 days till I’m in Ann Arbor for Michigan/UConn.  Double Oh Boy!!  Only four weeks till my big fantasy football draft.  Triple Oh Boy!!!  Yep I love football and am psyched that it’s back in my life.  My wife on the other hand……..

Also, today was National Cheesecake Day so of course I made my self-proclaimed “world’s best cheesecake” for my AM peeps and it lived up to the hype.  It is the Usain Bolt of pastries.  Juniors in NYC ain’t got nothin on me. 

Finally for those Photoshop, photography, WWII history buffs out there here is a cool link to a site that was forwarded to me.  This guy found old war pics and photoshopped them into the modern-day pictures of the locations.  Very cool indeed. 

Enjoy the great weekend.  I feel some pool time is in my future.

Jason Hendry is a morning director at NBC Connecticut.  He is an avid sports fan who also likes to dabble in politics, music, food, movies and other aspects of pop culture.  His true passions in life are his family and baseball.

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5 Responses to “Housekeeping”

  1. Ummm, I sport a lavender RS cap … somewhat untraditional … but I’m still watching, and waiting excitedly for PD and Jacoby to return.

    I’m jealous of your coworkers – they had your cheesecake. I know … I get it more often but I’m always jealous when someone else gets to taste cheesecake perfection. BTW, Old Lyme Ice Cream does a cheesecake icecream that is as close in flavor to your cheesecake as anything else I’ve tried. There might even be some available poolside this weekend.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I propose a cheese cake taste test. Hendu vs Old Lyme Ice Cream

  3. there’s no contest – taste wise – your actual cheesecake wins hands-down … or is that mouth-open. For ice cream though, Old Lyme’s is really, really good.

  4. ok, i’m love it 🙂

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