Skanky Stadiums and Filthy Fields

A few days ago the findings were released from an investigation that looked into the cleanliness of our favorite ballparks and arenas.  The results are not for the weak-stomached.

Thankfully, if you venture to our northeastern venues, you are in relatively good shape.  Fenway Park, yeo the second oldest ballpark in the country, had just 4% of their vendors in violations while Gillette Stadium had 0%.  The new Yankee Stadium and Citi Field were both surprisingly high,  48% and 45% respectively.  MSG had a whopping 61% out of compliance but I wonder if they included the Rangers and the Knicks into the results because they’ve been making fans sick for years.

There are some scary and disgusting results in there.  Reports of rodent droppings, slime in machines.  Raw food, under-cooked food, etc.  Yo name it and it’s probably somewhere.  In Florida, all eight of their arenas had results of 75% or higher.  The worst of the worst being Tropicana Field were a remarkable 100% were out of code.  Maybe that’s why no one goes to the games there because it certainly isn’t the Rays fault. 

To be fair most of the stadiums around the country were pretty good.  Some of the transgressions were very minor.  Will it stop me from going to some of these places?  Hell No!!  I’ll just a little more hot sauce on things and have a few more beers to kill the germs. 

Hey, we all have to sacrifice a little.

Jason Hendry is a morning director at NBC Connecticut.  He is an avid sports fan who also likes to dabble in politics, music, food, movies and other aspects of pop culture.  His true passions in life are his family and baseball.

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One Response to “Skanky Stadiums and Filthy Fields”

  1. Another good reason to visit Fenway above other ball parks.

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