Today is our Birthday!!!

It’s hard to believe, but one year ago today we debuted our state-of-the-art broadcast facility.  Crazy how fast a year goes by.  I remember how hectic it was leading up to that historic day.  From where we were then to where we are today just makes me proud.

That whole time period is such a blur.  From the birth of Avery to coming in that Monday knowing we had to clean up our work to get on the air by Thursday was such a whirlwind.  It was a whole new level of tired:  mentally and physically.

There are so many highlites during this past year.  From our first broadcast (   )to the NBC Town Hall Meeting that still sends shivers down my spine.

We’ve hosted blood drives to debates to toy drives and anything in between.  We’ve had our ups and downs and takin’ our lumps but we continue to push the limits of what we can do here.  It seems every week we discover something new, both good and bad, and we learn from it and move on. 

The work enviroment is second to none.  What a difference it makes to work in a clean building as opposed to the dump we came from (and I mean that with all the fondness in the world. )  We’ve even had a gym installed and hired some trainers for our own well-being.  Something that never could be imagined in that old bunker of ours.

To this day I still love walking into this place.  We get to work with the best equipment and with people who have truly embraced the new technology.  We’ve all had to pretty much learn on the fly.  This was a new world for everyone and now we feel like there isn’t anything we can’t accomplish here.

Some of our favorite days here are when we can try out new things.  We have so many different options that half the fun is coming up with new and eye-catching ways to present the news.  I’m not sure if the viewers always notice, but it’s a great feeling “behind the scenes” when a new shot works.

So with one year in the books, our future here at the Peacock is as bright as ever.  We continue to explore new and exciting ways to bring the news our viewers.  This is something that would not be possible without this gorgeous building.  A special thanks again to all that worked tirelessly to bring this to fruition. 

As with any anniversary, a celebration is in order.  So that’s where we’ll be this afternoon, tipping a few back in honor of a great year and a toast to the future. 

Thanks for watching and we hope you enjoyed the product as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.


Jason Hendry is a morning director at NBC Connecticut.  He is an avid sports fan who also likes to dabble in politics, music, food, movies and other aspects of pop culture.  His true passions in life are his family and baseball.

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