5th of July

Happy Day after Independence Day America, or what I believe is the first major hangover day in American history.  C’mon, you don’t think that our forefathers didn’t go out and get hammered on mead, grog and warm beer after ridding themselves of those British shackles do you??  If it was me I would have tore up Philly with Mr. Electricity, T-Jeff and the Adams boys.  BTW, those are my nicknames I have no idea what they called each other but I think those work well.

Mad props to my boy Joey Chestnut.  No world record but the mans knows what it takes to win.  He realized that the belt was his and he didn’t need to go nuts.  54 dogs are still pretty impressive.  I sure relish his abilities.  right now it’s up to the rest of the competitive eating world to ketchup.  I love the fact that Kobiashi crashed the event.  It’s sorta like Clubber Lang in Rocky III.  To put it over the top, the ex-champ should have camped out in front of Chestnut with his own stack of dogs and matched him bun-for-bun.  That woulda been freaken sweet!!!!

Congrats to the six Sox all-star selections.  More than any other team.  Yea three of ’em are on the DL but it just shows that guys rather see injured Sox over healthy players from other teams.  Now we as Red Sox fans have one thing left to do:  Vote in Kevin YoukilisHe’s been the rock all year for Boston and deserves to be there.  Not only is he one of the best hitters in the AL, but he is also a world-class defensive 1B and 3B.  Youk is also represents what you want out of a ball player:  a gritty, hard-nosed, hustling dirtdog who leaves it all on the field.  The anti-Arod.  Someone who cares more about winning than worrying what people think of him.  Now, that’s an All-Star in my book.


One Response to “5th of July”

  1. did my bit to get Youk on the All-Star team.

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