Back from Vaca

It was a nice reprieve from the craziness of life.  This was the first extended time away from work since 2008 and the 1st time the three of us were able to get away as a family.  We disappeared to the Poconos in PA where the in-laws own a house.  It was great sleeping till seven or eight every morning and the most stressful thing we had to worry about all day was our dinner.

We were able to get Avery into the water and to the beach for the first time.  We visited the old stomping grounds in Wilkes-Barre where we both went to college.  Showed Avery where we met, surely the highlight of the trip for her.  We met up with old NBC-30 friend Mindi Ramsey in NEPA and had some friends out for the tail end of the week.

It was great to get away from work, from the house and even yes, this blog.  I felt rundown by all three.  It felt like I wasn’t giving it my all and really just need a little R+R.  I just never realized how tired I actually was.  I forgot what it was like to operate on eight or nine hours of sleep.  I guess I had just convinced myself that I was doing alright on my four to five hours.  Man, I’m gullible.

So now I’m back in the swing of things.  Back to very little sleep and that’s all right because it’s only 65 more days till my next break.  I feel good getting back to writing my blog too.  I can’t promise that it’ll be an everyday occurence.  Sometimes I just have nothing to write about and I felt like I forced some things.  I want to keep this interesting and engaging and have a few ideas on that I’ll be looking into. 

Thanks for continuing to read though.  I still had decent numbers even though I haven’t posted anything in about 12 days. 

Enjoy the record and btw, Hey Yanks fans, what’s that object in your rearview mirror closing quickly???


2 Responses to “Back from Vaca”

  1. looks like a pair of red sox to me … welcome back.

  2. Objects in the reareview mirror appear closer than they really are!! But hey at least its giving you sawx fans a glimmer of hope.

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