#44 bring us #18

Game seven tonight.  One game for the whole enchilada.  Bad news is Kendrick Perkins is out.  The Celts enforcer and muscle inside has torn ligaments in his knees.  This will serverly change the way the C’s play “D”.  I have a hunch that given a full 36 hours to plan for this, the coaching staff will devise a good game plan.  It may even help out that in a game seven the Lakers are going to get a completely new look.  Boy, this sounds like I am trying to talk myself into this huh? 

Well I still believe the green will prevail.  This team has come too far in the past month or so to let it slip away.  Game six was such an abberation.  There is no way the Lakers bench will play that well while the Celts play that bad.  Plus, the C’s get to bring in the most secretive of secret weapons: 


& finally

Now, I’m fired up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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