Best Place on Earth

That was Fenway Park yesterday afternoon and yes that is the view from the seats we were in (thank you NBC Connecticut).  It doesn’t matter the weather or the results I have never had a bad time at the Olde Ball Park. 

I have been there countless times and every time I walk up from the concourse and the field emerges before me, I get the same feeling.  I get chills and a smile immediately comes over my face.  Yesterday was even more special too.

It was Avery’s first of many Red Sox games.  Besides a few little meltdowns, she was very well-behaved.  I know it will mean nothing to her most likely, but to me it meant the world. 

It was great seeing her look around and clapping whenever anyone else clapped.  It didn’t matter if it was the Phillie fans or the Sox fans, but I swear she clapped harder for the Sox.  Little does she know that she has been christened in the religion I call baseball and she spent a nice Sunday at our church.  Hallelujah!!

On a side note, before the game we ate at Jerry Remy’s Bar and Grill.

A great spot on Boylston St. and a very good menu.  The best part was the many different variety of brews on tap.  Some norms, but also some ones I had never heard of, including Bear Republic and Harpoon 100 Barrel Series.  I had the Monster Dog with chili and cheese.  Huge dog, good chili, very fulfilling.  Eight hours later I was hungry again.  Nikki had the loaded cheese fries.  What made these so unique was that they used their mac-n-cheese sauce instead of shredded cheese.  Great idea and very tasty.  We sat outside because the bar was packed and even though we were close to the street, it wasn’t overly noisy.  We had a blast and the service was good, considering how busy it was.  I highly recommend it next time you are there.

Overall, a great day with the fam, regardless of the outcome.  Now I just gotta figure out when we can get back this year.


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