11 Months

Wednesday marked Avery’s 11 month birthday.  The first thing that crossed my mind was ” Holy crap, where has the year gone.”  It’s been such a whirlwind time.

This past month, Avery has grown so much.  She is a crawling machine.  Her favorite game is chasing the cat and dog around the house.  The funny thing is, by the time she gets up to speed, the pets just get up and go the other way.  She’s a pretty determined girl though.  She’ll just spin around and go after ’em again.  It’s pretty funny to watch and when she’s doing that, we know where she is for a good twenty minutes. 

The new thing now is pulling herself up and standing.  It won’t be long before she walking.  I’m not quite sure I’m ready for that yet.  When she’s not doing that, she is constantly moving.  The girl never sits still.  She loves to crawl between Nikki and I, to the floor, back up to the couches and back again.  It’s no wonder the child gains very little weight.  Whatever she eats, she just burns off. 

We just had her first tooth pop through.  All you can feel are the points of it, but it is there.  I thought she was never going to get ’em, just go through life gumming everything.  I just hope that they don’t cause her too much pain. 

This past month, we also switched daycares.  Like I had written before, our cousin had watched her from September and we wer so grateful for that.  But she had to go and get prego on us (I know, the nerve of her…) and in May we had to switch her to a new place.  Nikki was worried about it, but Avery has been great there.  She has other kids to play with which can only help her socially, I hope. 

Tomorrow is a big day.  Avery goes to her first of many Red Sox games.  OK, I’m more excited than she is but this is a big deal.  C’mon who doesn’t remember their first Sox game.  Yeah, she won’t remember it but we’ll have plenty of pictures for her.  We really can’t wait. 

So, we have one more month till the big #1 and yep we are throwing her a party.  Honestly, I think it is more for us than her.  It’s just a good excuse to hang out with family and friends by the pool.  I fully expect her to be walking by that time which only means more trouble for us.  I can’t wait. 

Watching her grow these past 11 months has been so unbelievable.  We are lucky to have a healthy and happy baby grace our lives.  I can’t even imagine life without her anymore.  Sure there are Friday and Saturday nights when we are both passed out on the couch by nine, but I don’t think we would change a thing.


One Response to “11 Months”

  1. It’s been a fun 11 months watching Avery … and her parents … grow. Looking forward to the next 11 or so months.

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