Ch.. Ch.. Ch.. Ch.. Changes

The landscape of college football is about to be flipped on its head and there is one school we can thank for that: Notre Dame.

For years, the Big Ten has pursued Notre Dame to become the 12th team in the conference and for years Notre Dame has said no.  Why you ask: Money.  Notre Dame is the only college program with its own TV deal.  Notre Dame in the Big Ten makes perfect sense because of its location and natural rivalries but the Golden Domers were blinded by the color green. 

Finally the Big Ten eased up on the pursuit and started their own network a few years back.  It has been a huge success and really has been the benchmark for all other major conferences and the future of college sports.  The Big Ten Network has pulled in millions for each of the 11 schools and shows that to be a viable player in the NCAA, a conference needs its own network.  (Much like the YES network showed that a baseball team needs its own network.  Which is why NESN and SNY have been so succesful and profitable.)

So with a nice network in tow, the only thing needed was a 12th team for a conference championship game and two six team divisions.  The Big Ten was not shy about teams they wanted: Texas, Nebraska, Missouri, Rutgers, Pittsburgh or Syracuse.  Well, as of Friday, they’ll have their school.  The Nebraska Cornhuskers look to become the 12th member of the conference.

As a fan of Michigan and Big Ten football, I like the move.  I would have  prefered Notre Dame or Texas just because of the better talent but Nebraska is nothing to change a corn cob at.  They have a great history and have rebuilt their program.  The ripple effects from this seemingly little move is going to be titanic.

Because of this Texas, Texas A+M, Texas Tech, Colorado, Oklahoma and Oklahoma St. are rumored to be on the way to the Pac 10.  That leaves Iowa St, Kansas, Kansas St., Baylor and Missouri without a home.  Also the SEC may be interested in grabbing Texas and Texas A+M. 

This is a major shakeup and conferences like the Mountain West, Big East and the ACC in serious trouble.  The remaining teams from the Big 12 could join up with the power schools from the Mountain West and start a new conference  while the ACC and the Big East could be in a tug-of-war again over teams like UConn, Rutgers, West Virginia and Pittsburgh.

All this because Notre Dame was too pig-headed to move forward.  The problem is the Irish think THEY are college football.  This team hasn’t been relevant in a long time.  They have become a laughing-stock because they are stuck in the 60’s. 70’s and 80’s.  They just aren’t a prime target anymore.  The NCAA and BCS has bent over backwards for too long in order to accommodate the schools demands.  Now, because of them, the entire college football world is in shambles.

I don’t know if this is going to be good or bad.  Maybe this will get a play-off system in place.  One thing for sure is football and TV are slowly taking hold of all college sports.  It is truly the straw that stirs the entire drink.  Good or bad it is what it is and what we though of college sports will be changed forever starting tomorrow.

Just makes my hatred of Notre Dame that much deeper.


4 Responses to “Ch.. Ch.. Ch.. Ch.. Changes”

  1. Kevin Walker Says:

    Good article, Jay. It will be interesting having Nebraska…

  2. Scooter Says:

    Hendu….correct me if I am wrong….but much like Notre Dame….Michigan hasn’t been relevant for awhile either….and 2010 will be no different. GO UCONN!!

    • see the prob is Notre Dame still thinks of themselves as the center of the universe and feels the ncaa and the rest of college football needs to bow down to them. This had nothing to do with Michigan, why you gotta atir things up. Also, Michigan was one quarter away from playing for the Nat. Title in ’07 and turned around and beat the hell outta Tebow in’08.

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