This entry will strike my wife with some humor and some sadness.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again now, she knows me better than I even know myself.  This is just another instance of that.

See, last December I swore off golf.  I’d had enough of the maddening game.  I had hit my last slice, snap hook, pop-up, worm-burner, fat, thin, chunky, shank, yip and whatever else you got.  I told myself I was done while walking off the 13th green at Fox Hopyard.

Frankly, I was fine with it.  Went the whole winter not even thinking about it (well, except for buying a new driver for a crazy low price that I would have been flat-out dumb to pass up).  I played again in late April and that was OK, but I was still in baseball mode so I never really gave it another thought.  That was until Friday.

I had full intentions to head out to Dodd Stadium for the 1st round NCAA baseball games.  That was until I got a call from a friend of mine who is the pro over at Topstone.  We went “old-school” and played over at our old haunt; Banner Lodge.  It had been years since Casey and I played.  Life seems to get in the way but it was great teeing it up with him again. 

Sunday I then went out and played 18 at the Hopyard with another good friend I hadn’t seen in a few months or played with in years.  Again, it was just great getting out there and shooting the s#*t.  Finally yesterday I played in a fundraiser for a former co-worker of my brother.  We hit up the Player course over at Lyman’s and we had a blast and raised a lot of money for his kids and other charities. 

It hit me about halfway through yesterday that maybe golf isn’t all about playing well and shooting low.  Now, granted it makes the game much more enjoyable but that shouldn’t be the main focus.  I think the thing I would have missed most was the time with good friends.  Thats what is most important.  Don’t get me wrong, I want to and will continue to improve. 

So while we all strive to fix our golf game, I think the golf game helps us all improve our relationships with friends and family and I think that is why I am playing again. 

Well that and pureing a five iron 200 yards to two feet on a par three.


3 Responses to “Re-Discovery”

  1. wow i just had the strangest dream… i feel like i heard someone very wise say all this before…
    and you were there, and you were there too…

  2. why would i be sad? i find it humorous and am thrilled that once again, you discover that I’m right!

    I think you just need to revisit Robin william’s view of golf and keep that in your mind…

  3. Honestly dear, none of your family took you serious when you said you were giving up golf. We’ve all seen this movie before.

    Glad you are back enjoying the game.

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