We all knew that the upcoming Celtics/Lakers final would draw out the “hatred” that fans have for each team.  This is the best rivalry in the NBA and are the two most storied franchises.  Nine of the Celts titles have come at the Lakers expense and the Lakers are #2 in rings behind the C’s.  There is no love-loss between the two organizations which makes for great theatre.  Unfortunately there are whack-jobs on both sides, it just so happens one of them is a published writer for the LA Times.

Ted Green, a columnist for the newspaper and a sports producer for KTLA wrote this article for the newspaper.  Now, the article that was originally put online had a line, that well, crossed the line.  It said this: “Pierce’s idea of a fun night is going clubbing and getting stabbed. Good times!” 

Really Ted?  This is a reason to hate Paul Pierce?  He got jumped by a bunch of thugs outside a bar and almost died in his teammates arms.  He is lucky to be alive and it took him a long time to recover, both physically and mentally.  He was attacked with no warning and of nothing he did.  How bout we keep the reasons to on the court stuff.  You ruined what was a pretty good article and turned it into a piece of trash that isn’t worthy of picking up my dogs crap.  This man, it seems, has little to no sense of what is right or not. 

Does he forget the whole Kobe thing a few years ago?  You want to talk about a reason to hate somebody, how about that?  Does he forget about the Ron Artest melee?  These two players are on the team you cover and yet you want to make light of a Celtic player almost dying.  This guy seems a Grade-A douche.

Now I want the Celtics to grab number 18 more than ever just this tool can eat his words.

LETS GO CELTICS!!!!!!!!!  BEAT LA!!!!!!!!!!


3 Responses to “Classless”

  1. I’snt he the same reporter who started that whole story about the captain waving gang signs when he is introduced before games? Turns out it was a symbol he created to share with his family before games.
    They are just adding fuel to the fire.
    Lets go C’s!!! It’s time to light another cigar!!

    • I don’t know but the guy is a moron. I get that Boston media types aren’t a walk in the park but to make a joke like that….. dumb.

  2. You failed by giving this guy any attention. I had a conversation today about this clown and I realized I failed when I knew who Ted Green was.

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