Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer!!!!

It is one of the joys in my life.  Something that I do not skimp on.  I take my beer very seriously.  I have been called more than once a “Beer Snob” and it’s a title that I take to heart.

I figure life is too short to drink bad beer.  You won’t see me purchase your run-of-the-mill brew.  This morning I found a poll that is running till the 27th about the new “Great American Brew”.  Just so you know I have tried six of the ten and I voted for Dogfish. 

My brother and I go back and forth trying new and different kinds of beer.  One of our favorite is the Dogfish brands.  The 60, 90 and 120 are some of the best brews I’ve ever had.  The 60 and 90 are good everyday beers, the 120 will kick your butt a bit and I recommend only one or two in a sitting.

Just to let you know how serious I am about my beer, I am following Dogfish and Yuengling on twitter and have downloaded a beer app on my droid.  It’s called “Beer Cloud” and it lets you scan the barcode and up pops reviews and how the beer is made.  It also pairs the beer with a food choice.  It has become my favorite app.

Over the years, I have even turned my wife into a fan of beer.  She has always loved Yuengling (really, who doesn’t) and now she is slowly expanding her hoppy horizons and her brewery boundaries.  Her porter possibilities if you will.  She has even surprised herself with the new beers she has enjoyed. 

I love going in to a store or out to a restaurant and blindly trying a new quaff.  That’s one of the reason I love Eli Cannons and their unique selection.  I figure even if you order a beer you are not a fan of, you’re still drinking a beer.    There are worse things. 

I even like to change my beers with the seasons.  Fall it’s all about Oktoberfest beers.  Malty and amber in colors.  Something about them just says “fall” and “football.”  During the winter months I prefer dark stouts and porters.  I’m not a huge fan of the “winter beers” except for Celebration Ale by Sierra Nevada.  Spring time I enjoy more hoppy beers.  Lighter in color with a some bitterness.  Summer it starts with Yuengling and doesn’t go much further than that.  Things don’t get much better than an ice-cold lager on a hot and humid day. 

That’s my beer style.  Right now in my fridge I have some Flying Dog Pale Ale, Sierra Nevada Torpedo and a mix of Blue Moon.  Man, I’m getting thirsty.  

Whatever you enjoy, don’t pigeon-hole yourself.  Get out and experiment.  There’s a world of great brews and brewery’s out there.  Explore and enjoy.


7 Responses to “Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer!!!!”

  1. I love that on a week when you have no spare time you still find a few moments to pay tribute to your favorite brews.

  2. Hehe I’m honestly the first reply to this amazing post?!?

  3. Seirra Nevada Summerfest is a great summer beer as well. Also for IPA fans, keep your eyes out for Magic Hat IPA tour. 4 IPA’s from the collection released for a feq months at a time throughout the next year. Right now is Blind Faith. Soon, my favorite, H.I.P.A.

  4. If only more than 91 people could read about this!

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